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Buy Tray Online at Best Price in India

In kitchen utility items, trays have a special place. They are used for so many purposes. We use them for serving at home, we use them for decorating fruits and chocolates etc. on some special occasions of house, we like to use them as a gift item because their utility is so much that the person who get a tray in gift do not gift it back to anyone. But they keep it or themselves specially when the trays are beautiful and extra ordinary in design and look.

Wide collection of Serving Tray Online at Thedivineluxury

We have various splendid designs in single tray as well as in tray sets and tray with bowl sets. We have silver plated trays, gold tray and silver serving tray. We have large and small tray according to your usage. The collection contains the tray with clean finish designs and with stone and gem studded in it. These trays can be used as serving trays, decorative tray, food tray, dinner tray etc. They fit in all category and all occasions.

Gold And Silver Plated Tray

The gold and silver plated tray and tray sets will enrich the hospitality of your occasion. The gold, silver, stone, gems and all the precious things are first love of women. Not just jewelry, the lady of the house will like to have that preciousness in everything. Gift your loved women a well jeweled tray this time.  This will be unique as well as a lovely gift to her.

Trays for Gifting

We people keep special kitchen utensils especially silver and gold kitchen utensils in the safe and we use them on the grand occasions like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, Navratri, New Year or when we conduct a special party and offer an exceptional treat to our special guest. For these special occasions we use best of the cutlery and the serving utensils we have. We have silver plated and gold plated tray which are well carved with eye-catching designs.

Traditionally rich designs - 

In traditionally rich designs we have silver tray with wired border, gold plated oval tray, we have silver and gold platted flower design trays, the silver platted blue turquoise studded tray with handle. Grab your portion online and get it delivered at the earliest.

Shop from Wide Range of Decorative Serving Tray Online at

These trays will come with and without stone or gem embossing. There are urban designs ideal for modern art lovers. It includes half and half tray with two bowls and blue and white color, eye shaped platter. Mango shaped two partition platter, apple shaped platter, embossed mango platter, embossed pear shaped platter, triangle platter, three wave platter with white and blue combination of design, round shaped spiral platter, lotus red platter, white platter with three bowls, rectangular three partition platter, boat style platter, square platter etc.