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The Divine Luxury http://www.thedivineluxury.com Home Decor, Buy Wedding Gifts, Silver & Gold Plated Gifts Thu, 12 Oct 2017 03:32:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.3 http://www.thedivineluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/index.jpg The Divine Luxury http://www.thedivineluxury.com 32 32 Decorating ideas for a colorful Holi celebration party at home/office http://www.thedivineluxury.com/decorating-ideas-for-a-colorful-holi-celebration-party-at-homeoffice/ http://www.thedivineluxury.com/decorating-ideas-for-a-colorful-holi-celebration-party-at-homeoffice/#respond Tue, 30 May 2017 17:53:09 +0000 http://www.thedivineluxury.com/tdl-wp/?p=666 Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most fun occasion of the year. This year, it is falling on 13th March. People throw Holi parties in homes and offices these days to celebrate the occasion.

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WOMEN’S DAY OFFERS – GET ONLINE DEALS & DISCOUNTS ON WOMEN’S DAY IN INDIA AT THEDIVINELUXURY http://www.thedivineluxury.com/womens-day-offers-get-online-deals-discounts-on-womens-day-in-india-at-thedivineluxury/ http://www.thedivineluxury.com/womens-day-offers-get-online-deals-discounts-on-womens-day-in-india-at-thedivineluxury/#respond Mon, 29 May 2017 14:56:56 +0000 http://www.thedivineluxury.com/tdl-wp/?p=624 Celebrate Women’s Day – She is Special, so should be her Gift!
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11 AWESOME VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR HER OR HIM http://www.thedivineluxury.com/11-awesome-valentines-day-gift-ideas-for-her-or-him/ http://www.thedivineluxury.com/11-awesome-valentines-day-gift-ideas-for-her-or-him/#respond Mon, 29 May 2017 14:51:29 +0000 http://www.thedivineluxury.com/tdl-wp/?p=617 Valentines day is the most special time to make your love feel the depth of your heart. There are many Valentine ideas like flowers, chocolates, roses but the gifts are special as it is treasured for a long time. This Valentines choose the most special gifts for your partner which he/she will feel to embrace with love.

The Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. Every February 14, is celebrated as Valentine ’s Day. On this day Couples exchange their love through gifts, candy, flowers, all in the name of St. Valentine. The whole valentine’s week starting from February 7 i.e. Rose day, February 8 propose day, February 9 chocolate day, February 10 Teddy day, February 11 Promise day, February 12 hug day, February 13 kiss day, February 14 valentine’s day, is very special for people in love with each other. On this special day, couples spend some quality time together and express their feelings through little token of affection like gifts, cards, text messages and songs. Finding the right valentines day gifts for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is not a plain sailing task as you need to express all your feelings through it. It’s important that the Gifts you choose, convey the right message. There are traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas like flowers, cakes, and chocolates. But do not limit yourself to the same stuff year after year. Gifts for Valentines 2017 brings many new ideas which will make it easier to express your feelings inside.

Valentines gifts for her

Expressing your love to your special girl whether she is your wife or girlfriend is never easy. A lady wants a gift which could make her feel the most special or just pitter patter her heart in excitement. So here are some ultimate Valentines day ideas for her which could make her realize the bottom of your spirits.

1)  Candle stand

Gift your lady love this SILVER PLATED CANDLE STAND 5-ARMS. Candle stands are good Valentine day gifts for the girlfriend as it can add some romantic aura and vivacity to her surroundings anytime she need to change her mood. This silver plated candle stand 5 Arms has a unique floral design which looks so passionate and romantic. Shop this stylish candle stand now for the most romantic girl at heart.

2) Mirror oval

A girl loves to see the mirror and if the mirror is as beautiful as this, it could simply offer her the ultimate indulgence. Silver graces a woman with a high fashion quotient and also draws a lot of attention to its fresh and sparkling look. It is one of the most special Valentines gifts for her. A mirror to make her most casual time, the most exciting too.

3) Photo frames

Photo frame heart shaped 2 in 1’ is cute and adorable to gift to your girlfriend or wife. It is the one, she could use for your best pics together. The two hearts enclosed together looks extremely romantic. The small size makes it appropriate to keep on the side table of her bed or her working desk. We have many more stylish photo frames that are extremely romantic to pull her heart ut. Steal her heart with this romantic photo frame.

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INDIAN WEDDING GIFTS FOR COUPLES: GIFT TO GIVE COUPLES ON WEDDING http://www.thedivineluxury.com/indian-wedding-gifts-for-couples-gift-to-give-couples-on-wedding/ http://www.thedivineluxury.com/indian-wedding-gifts-for-couples-gift-to-give-couples-on-wedding/#respond Mon, 29 May 2017 14:20:04 +0000 http://www.thedivineluxury.com/tdl-wp/?p=611 Wedding gifts are the one made that the couple could enjoy together and jewel for a long time. A couple starting a new life together gathers has a lot of requirements for home. It is thus a very good idea for friends to gift the wedding gifts that are useful or decorative. Here are some cute, interesting, creative, unique ideas for wedding gifts to an Indian couple.

Wedding in India is the greatest event much more extravagant and festive than any other occasion. A rich panoply of wedding rituals also consists of giving gifts to the couples. Attending a wedding requires a wedding gift for the couples. Gifts can also be given to the bride or the groom individually if one knows the either side, but post marriage it is considered auspicious to give gifts for the couple that is the one which both the bride and groom can cherish together. Gifts are important as they create memories and expresses our gentle feelings deep inside the heart, so it should be carefully chosen. Choosing gifts for a newly married couple requires hovering for ideas that the duo could love to jewel for a long time. As wedding is the beginning of a new life for the couple, the gift should be meaningful, memorable, stylish, fanciful, joyful and the one which they could jewel for a long time. Buying marriage gifts for friend/ family is not much baffling as you know their taste better. The bewildering situation comes when you are to buy a wedding gift online for an unknown couple. Here we present some unique ideas on marriage gifts for couple that is always a safe gift option for an Indian couple.

1)   Gold and Silver Plated Dish
There are unique silver and gold platted kitchenware like dishes, platters, trays that offers exceptional crafting from artisans. It’s a good marriage gifts for bride. They are worth using for a special serving, for offering sacrament to lord or as a kitchen decorative. They are a very safe and within your means option if you’re attending a wedding and you don’t necessarily know the couple well or aren’t in a position to spend a lot on their gift.
2)   Sugar Bowl Sunflower with 2 Pcs. Lid & Spoon
This is a classy piece of art that serves as a dining table accessory to hold sugar. The glistering sunflowers embossed over it makes it more attractive and presentable. Being a piece of fine art it makes a unique center piece.
3)   Candle stands and tea light holder
Beautifully designed candle stands are set to create the interiors romantic and dinners are set off so nicely with candlelight. They can always set the difference by making the atmosphere sweet, warm and romantic.
4)   Champagne Glasses
Champaign flutes like Champagne King & Queen, Champagne Rings Engagement , Gold Plated Champagne glasses  are the gifts which a couple could enjoy together. They are good enough to enjoy any drink as the long stem makes it easy to hold.
5)    Photo frames
Photo frames are set to showcase picture from the sweet memories. But an occasion as special as a wedding requires some really cool and stylish photo frames. It is one of the most practical marriage gifts for friend. You can make it more personalized by framing the best pic from your collection inside.
6) Idols and statues
Religious idols like Buddha, Ganesha, Radha Krishna are held in homes to attract positive aura and blessings from the divine power. It is one of the best Indian wedding gift ideas for friends who are religious. Buddha and Ganesh idols are even used today as a decorative item for drawing room. You can also gift idols of creatures like elephant, horse, cow and calf, tortoise as they are an excellent table decorative and holds traditional importance in Indian homes. Idols are indeed one of the most sought out Indian wedding gift ideas for bride.

7) Decorative pieces
Since the couple is getting married and soon they are moving to their own home decorative items is always on the top notch of marriage gifts list. It’s one of the coolest Indian wedding gift ideas for friends/ family. There are many things you could gift like decorative showpieces, gold /silver plated coaster set, tissue paper holder, flower vase, bouquet, utility boxes etc. The newlywed couple will feel glad that they didn’t have to bother decorating their home.

8) Desktop accessories
Assorted Desktop accessories like table clock, Pen Set holder with Bud, miniature idols, paper weight, and bookmark with artistic outlook are gifts that are set to create happy reading experience.

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