New Year 2017 | New Year Gift Ideas

The New Year countdown has begun and you must be really excited and at the same time wondering what gift to buy for your loved ones. It is the time to rekindle the love and excitement in your relationship. Just listen to your heart, for the right gift ideas comes from your heart. A perfect gift is the one that shows you care and drinks the spirit of love and harmony. Knowing your recipients choice and taste really helps but for those you hardly know it becomes so perplexing. But before you start splurging your pocket there are a few gift ideas for your family, friends, co-workers or business associates. Here we are proudly present some widest range of beautiful gifts ideas to you that which will make your new year more special. What are the best gifts shall you take to your loved ones this New Year 2017. The Divine Luxury team has decided to put together a mix of New Year gifting ideas for your family, friends and corporate business.

1)      Gifts based on personality

 The thought and Ideas of New Year gifts 2017 totally depends on the taste as well as age of the person, who you want to give gifts. So, if you exactly want to know that what you can pick then try to find his preferences, likes and dislikes. We know very well that Greeting cards, Cakes, Flowers, Chocolates are very much Famous. However, this New Year you should try to do something special and unique for your loved ones. Therefore, take an exciting and memorable New Year gift this time.

2)      Think creative 

Go for things that are unusual and surprising as a gift. People get bored of getting the same type of gifts year after year so go creative with your ideas. Go for home décor products, photo frames, silver crafts, and 24 carat gold plated gifts etc.

3)       Kitchen ware

-A tea set, a cup set, or a dinner set is simply great to be gifted on this occasion as the heart of every home is kitchen .You can choose from a super collection of cool designer kitchen ware in various materials available online. To go creative and unique you may try unusual shaped platters and silver and gold crafted bowls, trays and fruit bowls.

4)      Gifts for old aged

It is more popular to choose a New Year gift benefiting the elders’ health. So anything you can think of that will make the seniors feel healthier and bring pleasure to their life is okay. Like if they suffer a disease like cardinal disorder get them an Ayurveda plant bark called Arjun plant or if they suffer diabetes get them sugar free sweets and insulin plant.

5)      Souvenir

 There is nothing like gifting gourmet treats as gift for New Year, which can be enjoyed by everyone alike in the family. A hamper of mouthwatering treats serve the purpose of fulfilling crave of each member of the family alike. You can think of combining different organic treats which are healthy as well as nice option to offer like juices, fruits, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates etc.

6)      Gifts for Friends

 Choosing a New Year gift for your friends is based mostly on the intimacy of your friendship. For girls Jewelry boxes, silver crafts, candle stands, tea lights, photo frames are good options. Boys look for utility factor in a gift. Key ring chain, fountain pen, desktop clocks, card holders are more suitable gifts for boys.

7)      Gifts for kids

 Make your own children and the kids in your family feel loved and treasured on New Year’s Day by gifting them a cuddly teddy bear that comes in a special bag which includes a variety of chocolates. You can also go for a crayon roll up case which comes with a set of crayons to help kids indulge in drawing and painting during the holidays. You can supplement this gift with some coloring books.

8)      Gifts for couples

If you want to wish your partner or a wonderful couple a happy new year, gift them a pair of champagne glasses and a bottle of wine or juice with a cute message for the coming year.

9)      Ganesh idols

 we idolize and worship to start something new as he is the god who removes all obstacles and hurdles in the path. As New Year is a new beginning gift lord Ganesha to your friends and family for their wellbeing and prosperity.

10)   24 CARAT gold plated items

 Gold plated idols, fruit bowls, trays, desktop clocks, flower bouquet gives a royal sense of gifting. There can be nothing more special than gold for anyone in India. Welcome the coming year with some shimmer, some glitter and the serene charm of gold. The 24 carat gold-plated gifts is an exquisite home décor and leaves all marveling with its charm

11)   Where to go for shopping

 The New Year gifts online shopping sites gives you an assortment of options. Shopping online is a convenient way as you escape scrolling through shops and thus saves a considerable time. The best thing with online is that you can experience the pleasure of gifting your far away friends and family as timely delivery services is available through this mode to all over the world.

12)  Presentation

The best gifts are heart-felt and show it. Special care should be taken in preparing the gift. Invest in some nice wrapping paper, and take the time to compose a personal, handwritten card. This can be as important as the gift itself, since your message to the recipient conveys your intentions and sincerity. Then there’s the issue of whether to mail it or present it in person. Mailing is good only for far away friends and family only not for those living nearby as it reduces the pleasure for the receiver and something leaves a wrong impression too.