Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most fun occasion of the year. This year, it is falling on 13th March. People throw Holi parties in homes and offices these days to celebrate the occasion. Throwing Holi party includes colorful decoration, arranging dance and music, and most importantly a gift. The splashes of bright colors, bind people together in love and harmony. So if you are planning to throw a flamboyant Holi party at home or office, these simple decoration tips can make your party more fun filled and exciting.

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Holi decoration ideas for Home

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Holi is all about letting your hair down and going crazy with colors. The more the merrier, is the golden rule that you should follow for your Holi bash.

Choose the Venue

Holi party needs a wide and open space, because the best Holi parties are messy, really messy.   For a home party the best venue is garden or terrace. Urban folks living in flat can arrange the party in their living space. So firstly gear up these places to make them ready for playing Holi.

Colorful Balloon Decoration

Decorate the garden, terrace, stairs railings with colorful balloons.


Use marigold garland and mango leaves in an unusual way. Drape them over the door and walls in interesting patter. Decorate the house with flowers by placing flowers in various places such as balconies, railings, exterior walls etc. Colorful flower bouquet can also be used to decorate the venue.


Colors are the essence of Holi. Instead of chemical colors go for natural colors available in the market. Use stylish silver and gold platters to arrange the Gulal (colored powder).

Colorful Cloth decoration

 Cloth decoration with colorful clothes gives unique look to the party. Cloth decoration in the interiors of home also protects the walls from getting color stains.


Although sounds a day festival but the celebration continue till the evening. So colorful lighting can give the real party bash to the festivity. Colorful lanterns are an ideal decorative. colorful lights can be hung all around the house to make your home illuminated. 


No Holi party can be complete without Holi songs in the background. Compile a list of all-time favorite songs of Holi. Besides songs this colorful festival is incomplete without Dhol (drum) beats.

Holi Food

Lip smacking food and brimming beverages is the most important attraction of Holi party. The entire menu consists of traditional food items. Here are the best items for Holi party menu. Arrange the food items and beverages on a side table in the party venue only.

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  • Appetizers- Dahi Bhalle, Aloo chat, Khandvi, Onion Bhajia, Samosa.
  • Beverages- Thandai, Jaljeera, Milkshakes, Lemonade
  • Main Course- Chole bhature, Aloo puri, Vegetable fried rice, Paneer Butter Masala,  Aloo methi curry, Dal tadka
  • Dessert- Gujiya, Nariyal ke ladoo, Kulfi Falooda, Gulab Jamun, Cupcakes.
  • Food Presentation ideas for Holi
  • Use decorative platters, trays and bowls to arrange the food.
  • Present the beverages in trendy glassware.
  • Unique serving set for Holi party

Here are some creative, cool and fun ideas for serving your appetizers.

Silver Plated Tray with 2 Swans and Spoon

Silver Plated Tray with 2 Swans and Spoon

The most elegant set of two swan shaped bowls with a serving tray, and a spoon, is unique to serve desserts and snacks.

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Platter - Three Waves

Platter - Three Waves

This beautiful platter has marvelous shades of blue and green.

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Dip Platter Shell (Golden)

Dip Platter Shell (Golden)

This unique golden shaped platter is great to serve appetizers and snacks.

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Dip Platter Star (Red)

Dip Platter Star (Red)

The star-shaped platter is great for serving chips and dips.

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Rectangle Platter Set with 3 Bowls and Spoons

Rectangle Platter Set with 3 Bowls and Spoons

Polished in silver color with three bowl and spoons

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Platter Rectangular 3-partition Mother Pearl

Platter Rectangular 3-partition Mother Pearl

A mosaic of pearly tiles accentuate the amazing Rectangular shape to serve your food in style.

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Platter Carrie 10

Platter Carrie 10"

The delicate white shell-shaped platter designed with excessive statuesque and grace to serve appetizers.
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Platter - Embossed Mango (2 Partition)

Platter - Embossed Mango (2 Partition)

Entice your guests with mango. Serve them in this mango shaped platter.

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Platter - Apple 7.5"

Platter - Apple 7.5"

This apple shaped platter is a great to serve food for kids.
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Duck Bowl 4"

Duck Bowl 4"

This duck shaped bowl great to serve sweets, fruits salads, ice-creams.
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Set of 6 Glasses Mattress Design

Set of 6 Glasses and Tray

Let your guests enjoy their Holi special,beverages in these stylish mattress design glasses.
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Holi Party theme

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Choosing a theme for the Holi party can make it even more interesting. Some interesting themes for Holi party are :

  • Rain dance- Playing Holi in Rain dance with Bollywood music in the background is a real fun.
  • Flower power- Using natural flower colors and powders for playing holy.
  • Muddy moves- Playing Holi with mud and slush.
  • Go all white- hues get showcased best on white outfits so dress in white this Holi and make it a compulsory dress code for your house party
  • Balloon Shooter- This game is suitable for all ages. From small kids to senior old people, everyone enjoy playing Balloon shoot like an innocent child.


Holi Party ideas for office

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If you are an employer or HR of a company celebrating the festivals together, within the office, promotes a spirit of oneness and a sense of belonging among the employees.  Throwing a Holi bash in order to make the employees feel at home. This also helps those employees who are away from home and feeling nostalgic. There are a number of ideas for a Holi party in an office space.

  • Print out a couple of Holi cards or colorful Holi pictures from the web to decorate the break room or notice board
  • Decorate the office with flowers, balloons, ribbons.
  • Create a ceiling of colorful ribbons by stretching long strips of ribbons
  • Make a simple rangoli at the entrance.
  • Arrange platters full of colors which people can use only to put Tilak( Mark on Forehead or Face).
  •  Decorate the office by using colored paper cut in the shape of hands and write some slogans to motivate your employees.
  • Organize some music, a dance floor and DJ where team can dance.
  • Arrange the entire tradition food items.
  • Arrange some Holi actives like games, puzzles, dance, and comedy.